Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I bring my own gun? +

    Run & Gun provides all guns and ammunition. The guns are all modified to accept only a realistic, but non-lethal ammunition. To learn more about our guns and ammo visit the Gun and Ammo page.

  • Are there volunteer opportunities at Run & Gun? +

    Yes, every Run & Gun event counts on dozens of awesome volunteers to make it a success.

    Volunteers serve either a morning or afternoon shift, get a free T-shirt, other cool stuff AND get a free pass (up to a $145 value!) if they choose to run the course!

    To find out if volunteer opportunities are available in your location, contact us here or PM us in Facebook.

  • Can an individual with disabilities participate? +

    ABSOLUTELY! As a disabled veteran, the founder of Run & Gun believes our events should be an enjoyable experience for every participant and spectator. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you or a member of your party needs additional assistance accessing the event.

  • Are there medical personnel on the course? +

    Yes, medical professionals are on site at all Run & Gun events.

  • Are spectators allowed? +

    Absolutely! Please bring the entire family, heck, the whole neighborhood. They can cheer your progress through the course.

    Our festival area will have food, beverages, and lots of activities.

    Spectators 13 and younger are free.

    The charge for 14 and older is $10 which helps to offset facilities charges.

  • Are children welcome? +

    Children of all ages are welcome in the Festival and spectator area; however, unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy.

    To participate in Run & Gun without your parent or guardian, you must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the event.

  • Can I pick up a friend's packet? +

    Only the person named in the registration or transfer can pick up their packet. Also, if you want to race together as a team, all members must be present prior to checking in.

  • Can I register by mail or phone? +

    At this time, registration is done exclusively online.

  • I have a venue to host a Run & Gun event. What do I do? +

    We are always looking for awesome venues. Please send us an email to tell us more about it!

  • I'm a local vendor. Can I have a tent at the event? +

    Vendors with food and products appropriate for a Run & Gun Event are encouraged to contact us.

    Send us an email proposal that contains a list of the products or services to be offered.

    All vendor approvals must be completed at least 30 days prior to the requested event.

    Run & Gun is always looking for local sponsors. Become a sponsor and receive free booth space.

  • I'm going to the event solo. How do I join a team? +

    To find or create a team, please visit the team forum and create a post.

    If you are not interested in joining or creating a team, we will place you with a carefully selected group that possess super powers complementary to your own.

    On the day of the event, many teams are willing to bring aboard new team members. Additionally, participants who are running the course as individuals may want to team up to take on the challenge. You can meet others in the base area or on the actual course and arrange to run together.

    If you want to try and organize a team of individual participants to run with before an event, you can post on the individual Facebook Event page, and coordinate with other individuals running on the same day.

  • What if I cannot complete an obstacle? +

    All obstacles are equipped with an “escape hatch” allowing you to by-pass the obstacle.

    Recreational players can use any and all escape hatches without penalty.

    Pro-Players will be disqualified for using the “escape hatch”.

    All obstacles are best conquered as a team. Teamwork is encouraged and permitted at all levels of play.

  • What if I'm delayed and miss my team's wave time? +

    If you are delayed for any reason (it happens!), you may not be able to run with your team.  We will, however, do our best to get you into a later wave.

  • What is the refund and transfer policy? +

    Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances. Registrations are good only for the day of the event purchased, but we will do our best to accommodate changes at the event.

    You may transfer registration to another person by accessing your user account on Race Entry.

  • What is your weather policy? +

    Run & Gun is a rain or shine event. In the case of dangerous weather that threatens the safety of participants or staff, Forward Footprint reserves the right to postpone or cancel the event. In the event of a cancellation, there will be no refunds.

  • What should I bring? +

    Appropriate footwear for walking and walking and climbing.

    Your photo ID.

    Money for merchandise, apparel, food and beverages.

    To avoid long lines, bring a signed copy of our participant waiver. Click HERE to print yours.

    Bring your RX safety glasses or contacts if needed.

    Sun Screen.

  • Where is packet pick-up? +

    Packet pick-up will be available on-site only and ready one hour prior to the first wave of the day.

    You'll need your photo ID and a signed copy of the participant waiver to pick up your packet.

    We will have blank copies of the participant waiver on site, but to avoid long lines, print and complete the waiver at home. Click HERE to print yours.

  • What are the age limitations? +

    Contestants 18 and older on the day of the race may compete as individuals or as members of any team.

    Young people ages 14-17 may race with their parent or guardian, who must also be a registered participant.

  • What if my team has more than 5 people, can we run the course together? +

    Teams of 6 or more will be broken into multiple teams and assigned sequential start times.

    Teams that are not in multiples of 5 will be back filled with other awesome participants.

    To check in as a team, all members must be present.

  • What is Pic2Go? +

    Do I have to opt in? Do I have to have a Facebook account?

    Pic2Go is the provider of your free game day photos. Awesome photos will be taken of you as you move through the course.

    You need to opt in to receive your free photos through Facebook.

    If you are not one of the 1.49 Billion people on Facebook – Don’t Worry! We will still be able to get you your photos.

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