What Should I Wear?

Dress for Success: Practical & Tactical

You don’t just want to conquer xMaze like a bad @$$, you want to look like one while doing it. Come dressed for a sneaky spy mission, come dressed for spin class, come dressed for Combat Pilates or a Minefield Triathlon. Whatever you do, just please come dressed.

Mix-n-match your favorite workout gear with your best butt-kicker outfit. Cosplay encouraged! Just make sure you’re comfortable, have a free range of motion, and aren’t going to snag anything loose. Remember you’re going get dirty and be put through the wringer, ...and so are your clothes.

What to Wear Details:

Appropriate footwear for running and climbing.


Athletic clothing; speedos are not encouraged.

Rx safety glasses or contacts if you need them. We provide non-Rx safety glasses. You'll need to see well close up and at a distance to be successful in the shooting challenges.