What is xMaze?

Part videogame, part obstacle course, part live fire shooting gallery, the xMaze is unlike any experience you have ever had! The 50,000 square feet xMaze will test your skill, wit and grit.

What is xMaze?

You will enter into a post-apocalyptic scenario in which nano-bots are taking control of technology and humanity!

  • Working in teams of five, players must overcome obstacles, secure objectives, fend off attack, score points, and solve a puzzle to escape the maze.

  • All guns are being provided by Smith & Wesson and Glock. These guns are outfitted to fire ONLY state of the art Ultimate Training Munitions. This ammunition is non-lethal and super fun to shoot.

  • Participants will be provided safety gear and given a firearms safety course before running the xMaze.

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