Teams of 5 will run, climb, shoot, and conquer the world’s premier extreme maze. Use all of your skills and teamwork to locate hidden intelligence, find the nanobot anti-virus, upload it and save the world.


No ill-equipped, unprepared soldiers on the battlefield. Every player will provided a scorecard, modified Glock 17, Twenty minute safety course, and ten minute mission briefing. Every player will have to buy one box of non-lethal ammo for their sidearm.


Always follow the instructions of your guide; no excuses

Weapons must remain holstered until your guide instructs you otherwise

Team members must remain in the line of sight of each other; no separating

Failure to follow rules, guide’s instructions, or dropping a weapon will lead to immediate removal from the course


Conquer obstacles on the course. If you’re not confident in your ability, an alternate route is available. To qualify as a Pro, though, you have to overcome every obstacle.

Shoot your targets, score points. With only five rounds, fell as many targets as you can. Pros do it behind the foul line while someone watches and scores them.

Battle your enemies. Enter the warzone and take on nanobot infected enemies. Don’t become infected yourself, or you’ll only have 15 minutes to live.

Hack the system. Use the intelligence collected to upload the anti-virus before time runs out.

Become a hero, save the world, and brag to your friends you did faster than they did.

Complete Rules